August 26, 2010

My Name

My name is ever changing. It seems like everyone decides to call me what they want. I really don't mind at all as long as it's not harsh.

I was born Jessica Dawn Francis. My family calls me Jessie and honestly if anyone outside of my family calls me that it kind of gives me the creeps. I don't know why. I think it's just, that name is saved for my family.

When I started going to Deer Creek a LONG time ago there were 3 Jessica's just in my grade. Who knows how many there were in the entire school. So naturally I was given a nickname. I remember some friends would try to get a nickname to stick but it just never would. I was called Fred, Boner {just because I was a little dingy back then}, Butch {this one was because Sarah would never ever say a cuss word so instead of the "B" word she called me Butch and I called her Bass instead of the A word...such juvenile humor}. Then finally in high school {and I don't even remember who started calling me this, if it was you speak up, I'd like to know} I was officially named Franny. Franny was awesome. My teachers called me that. I even had some girl who thought that was my name. I am sure most of the kids younger than me really thought that was my name. I loved Franny. I even had a personalized license plate for my hotrod thunderbird with Franny on it.

I then graduated and thought Franny would die with HS, but alas in the sorority I pledged there was a girl who knew me in HS and therefore Franny lived. Most of my DZ girls still call me Franny. Then came the boys. One of Casey's best friends name was Jess. {side note, if I wasn't called Franny people called me Jess}but being with Casey I couldn't be called Jess and they didn't call me Franny. So I became Jessica all over again. I know it might sound weird but I really had to learn who "Jessica" was. I was Franny for so long that I had forgotten who Jessica was. So for many years now I've been Jessica, but lately "Jess" is coming out of peoples mouths and I love it.

Since we are not joined at the male Jess' hip anymore, people can feel free to call me Jess again! My lifegroup people call me Jess, bunco group calls me Jess, work friends call me Jess.

Do you know what name I love most though...Mommy!

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E.Gray said...

jess :) thats the name i like to call you!! I loved reading the history of your name!