July 12, 2010

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... A sunny day and grass that still needs to be mowed. Anyone know someone to do it for free for me? Not sure how I am going to do it without someone here to watch the kids.

I am thinking...I have not been the best me lately. I'm irritable, tired, lonely and I just flat out miss my husband. It breaks my heart that Briley hasn't seen her daddy since Thursday. 1 week from today he will be done. I know for sure right now...I couldn't be a military wife!

I am thankful for...My mom taking Briley to a cousin's first birthday.

From the learning room...Not much going on right now, I need to kick it into gear to get my school year planned

From the kitchen...I thought that even though Casey was gone that I would cook...well that was wishful thinking. I've cooked but it has been very easy meals and nothing that was on this list last week.

Monday-  Oatmeal and Cinnamon Toast
Tuesday- Baked Chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes and biscuits
Wednesday- Stromboli
Thursday- Hot Dogs
Friday-  Pizza Night
Saturday- Taking Briley to IHOP 
Sunday- Pasta

I am wearing...Black shorts and White tank

I am creating...a reading space for Briley in her room

I am going...
Monday- Taking Briggs to the Dr. for his cough and then to walmart to get a few groceries
Tuesday- To watch the USA team in the Sitting Volleyball Worlds match
Wednesday-  Swimming and Lifegroup 
Thursday- Library 
Friday- Nowhere
Saturday-To IHOP to celebrate Briley's 1/2 birthday and Church
Sunday-Probably my parents house

I am reading... still not much

I am hoping...I can be a better mom this week. I am just not my best without Casey...is that lame?

I am hearing...Briley read in her room

Around the house...Starting my cleaning schedule.
Monday's- Kitchen and Laundry Room
Tuesday's- Living Room and Entryway
Wednesday's- Bathrooms
Thursday's- Briley's Room
Friday's- Master Bedroom
Saturday's-Briggs' Room
Sunday's- Dining Room

One of my favorite things...holding my sweet Briggs in my arms while he falls asleep looking at me. So thankful I am his number 1 girl. I just hope I stay that way.

Pictures for the week

Here's a link to Briggs' video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnP47Tz6Lsg

Have a great week!

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