June 2, 2010

31 Things, Before 32

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow! This birthday has kinda sneaked up on me. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was giving birth to my sweet Christmas baby? This year is already 1/2 over.

I thought this year would be a great year to set some goals for myself. I don't do New Years Resolutions, because I fail after week 1, so why not Birthday Goals. I am putting them on this here blog so my readers can keep me accountable. Should I post when I've met any of my goals? I might. Well, here goes nothing!

1. Grow my hair out long again
2. Try to NOT get a major sunburn this year.
3. Try to NOT get to frustrated with homeschooling this Fall
4. Read through my Bible {I've actually never done that before}
5. Lose 2 pounds a week for a year and I will reach my goal
6. Read Parenting With Love and Logic
7. Read the Above the Lines series by Karen Kingsbury
8. Plan 2 birthday parties
9. Learn how to sew {better}
10. Purge things in my house
11. Finish my dining room
12. Finish my Master Bathroom
13. Host Casey's family for Thanksgiving and Christmas
14. Go on a weekend getaway with my wonderful husband
15. Stop drinking Soda's
16. Cook a crock pot meal once a week
17. Blog at least 3 times a week.
18. Figure out how to make money for our family
19. Keep track of our budget on a weekly basis
20. Plant some flowers for next Spring
21. Get ALL my pictures into albums
22. Learn how to make bows
23. Do some more videos for The City of Edmond
24. Plan our family vacation to Chicago next Summer
25. Wear less makeup
26. File my magazine articles
27. Spend more time in prayer
28. Tell each of my friends what they mean to me
29. Visit my Grandparents more often
30. Learn to speak my husbands Love Language better
31. Try NOT to take myself so serious.

Whew...that's a lot but I don't think I set any goals that I can't reach. So are you going to help me? I thought so! I love birthday's especially mine...is that wrong?


Lindsay said...

Oh, Jess! I really like this list, and please be flattered if I steal some of it even!

But I was wondering- did you realize if you lose 2 lbs a week for a year, you would lose over 100lbs!? Girl! You will wither up and blow away! : )

Hugs, Lindsay

Jessica said...

Steal whatever you want girl! BTW...I need to lose that much! I hate it but it's true!

megan k said...

You and your lists.. so funny..
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

erin said...

I love lists! I will be 32 in 3 months. Sigh...

Oh & don't ever get discouraged about homeschooling! Call me or anyone else - you'll do great!

Buffy said...

I love that you wrote this and put it out there for all to see. And I love getting to know you through your postings here! You are a blessing, Jessica!