April 26, 2010

My Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... I see our outdoor toys all moved around {we are getting our foundation fixed tomorrow so we had to move the toys}

I am thinking... I need this day just to recover from the weekend. We had a blast having lots of family time.

I am thankful for... My sweet kids. We are training Briggs to fall asleep on his own and he's doing great. Briley is now sleeping without her bed rail. They are growing up...boo!

From the learning room... I am working on my lesson plans for next year. I don't want to work on them all summer, so might as well start now...right?

From the kitchen...Casey is in charge of our meals for an entire month, but he didn't make the menu for this week...so I guess I will pick it up.

Monday- Waffles, Bacon and Eggs
Tuesday- Dinner with the girls
Wednesday- Date Night
Thursday- Chicken with Pasta
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday-Dinner at my Parents

I am wearing... Brown capri's and a White tank

I am creating...Still sewing some buttons back on some clothing {I don't do anything fast}

I am going...
Monday- It's laundry day, so we are staying home
Tuesday-Hanging out at my parents house during the day and then dinner with the girls 
Wednesday- Play date with Nichole, Brooke and Logan, Dr. appointment, Date Night then LifeGroup
Thursday- Briley's Dance Class pictures and it's laundry day
Friday- Casey leaves for CO and we are staying home
Saturday-MS Walk at the OKC Zoo and dinner at my parents house 
Sunday-Church and staying home

I am reading... Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury, Home Schooling Methods and The Organized Home Schooler

I am hoping...That I our foundation repair goes smoothly and that my Dr. can figure out what is wrong with my lymph node, my chest and my skin....I'm a mess :)

I am hearing...Briley playing with her doll house, my dishwasher....it's really loud

Around the house...Laundry, blogging, lesson plans, and cleaning up the house from the weekend.

One of my favorite things...My Scentsy thingamabober 

Pictures for the week

He's starting sit up on his own and he loves doing it in his boppy so he doesn't fall over...look at those dimples {I'm in love}

She wanted to wear her swim suit and her winter boots...those go together right? At least she can look super cute in anything she puts on {she's my favorite little girl, love her to death}

Yum Yum, gettin' my grub on! He's doing really good eating, I don't think we will have problems feeding him like we did his sister. mmm, food!

Have a great week!

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Lindsay said...

Claire has the same swimsuit as Briley! How funny! We haven't worn it with boots though... too funny.