February 9, 2010

Month of Love Day 9


I love going on vacations. Growing up we went on a family vacation pretty much every year, they consisted of really big trips or just your average weekend trips. Wherever we ended up going, I loved going.

Since Casey and I started dating over 10 years ago, it seems like we've taken a vacation every year. One year we went to San Antonio with our college friends. I had a blast, so many sweet memories from that trip.  Who can forget all the drinks that were spilled at the Tower of Americas (see 2nd pic) I think there were 3-4 drinks spilled that day :)

Another year we went skiing, it was Casey's first time and he did really good. Those two trips were while we were dating. Our honeymoon we went back to San Antonio and had even more fun with just the two of us. We stayed at this beautiful bed and breakfast called The Riverwalk Vista my favorite part of the B and B was the bathroom. The showers were amazing.

Our 1 year anniversary we were broke...flat out broke! We were blessed with pre-season tickets to a Kansas City Chiefs game they were playing the Vikings, we had fun but it was H-O-T.

One year our vacation was to Tulsa for by far my favorite 4th of July.

Two years in a row we went to Breckenridge, CO. I absolutely love that place. We rented out our friend Jess' Parents house. Such a sweet family to let us do that.

Our last big vacation was to Anna Maria Island with some people in our Lifegroup. It is by far my most memorable vacation. So many things happened to each of us, shin splints, sunburned beyond belief, morning sickness, 30th birthday, legs that swelled...and that was just me :) Ali had a root canal, Erryn lost her voice, Chris rubbed blisters on his heel during the 5K, and Casey hurt is his toe...we thought it was broken. Brad was the only that didn't get hurt. All in all it was a vacation that will forever be remembered.

We are still trying to figure out where we are going this year...no where too expensive so any ideas are welcome.

What about you where do you all like vacationing? 


megan k said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! Holy cow, that is so funny. Ahh, memories. I really like that picture of us at the Rockies game... We all need to go back when I'm not prego.

E.Gray said...

woohoo, I made the "love" post :) I absolutely loved seeing the pics of you and casey soooo young!!! You all look like little teenagers :) Also Brad did hurt himself a couple times while skimboarding :) He thought he broke his toe too :) These poor poor boys!!! That trip was such an awesome and amazing time of memories with some amazing friends, it is going to have to be an every other year thing that we all do a big trip, this year we will settle for Tenkiller/Gore for a family camping trip with ya'll!