February 19, 2010

Month of Love Day 19


I love reading blogs. There are some really fun blogs out there to read, I have all my favorites over on the right side of my blog. There are some funny ones, spiritual ones, informative ones, encouraging ones and some that are just plain interesting.

Most bloggers are really good writers, I on the other am not. (did that sentence even make sense?) I am convinced that you don't have to be a "writer" to have a good blog, but what you need to have is an interesting subject to talk about.

Here are things I love to see in a blog:

  • Pictures-these help tell the story and I just love looking at photos
  • Short posts-you will lose most people after the first couple of paragraphs, unless it's REALLY interesting like ALL my posts are...right?
  • A sense of humor
  • Good advice/direction
  • A good blog design-not necessary but it helps draw people in.
  • Interesting topics
  • Updated-blogs need to be updated on a regular basis, not daily if you can't but at least monthly.
What do you love to see on blogs?

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