July 6, 2009

Edmond Parade

So the Edmond parade is like no other...at least I think so. We've gone to the parade since I was a little girl, now I drag my sweet husband there just so he can see our little girl enjoy what I did and do. Most years it's so stinking hot that we only stay for an hour or so, but this year the temps were perfect we stayed till the very end. I don't really have much to say about the actual parade, other than there needs to be more floats, I like to see floats.
There was one "float" that will forever stay in my heart. You know how all the "important" people get to ride in the fancy cars as their float, well there was one that made my day. All of my bosses (city council, mayor) came through first and then Casey's old "boss" President Webb came through on his car of choice. Casey waved at him and in that moment P.Webb saw him and pointed straight at him and said "We are going to miss you man". Really? did he just say that in front of thousands of people. If I'm lying I'm dying...I cried. I mean big tears were rolling down my face. I still get teary-eyed just thinking about that, here was the Big man on campus calling out to MY husband that "we" as in UCO will miss him. Now if that doesn't slap you in the face what will. That right there proved to me and Casey that he made an impact on campus. The next person to fill Casey's position has a lot to live up to...never will anyone be able to FILL his shoes but they can sure try. I really wish UCO the best of luck in all they do. As one of Casey's fellow co-workers said to him "You are a Broncho for life" I know that is true. From the first time Casey stepped foot on UCO's campus he knew he was a lifer. I, Jessica Moore, am married to one of the most well respected men on the campus of UCO, and all I have to say is watch out world because God has him on fire and he is ready for you! I love you Casey with all my heart and I just know that you are going to do great things whatever they may be.
Remember I will ALWAYS be right there beside you cheering you on :)


Jess said...

what an awesome post affirming your hubs. you are a great wife to an incredibly guy!

E.Gray said...

how awesome is that :) way to go casey on following God's lead and to you Jess for holding your hubby's hand as he leads your family while following God's lead :) Love you both tonz