May 27, 2009

Baby pics

Here are the US pics we have. The first 2 I am 6 weeks along and the last 2 I am 8 weeks along. Casey thought Dr. Goff said that the baby grew from 3mm to 21mm, but it was actually from 6mm to 21mm. Still a big growth spurt and that may have been the reason I was so sick the last 2 weeks. I have been feeling pretty good, except after I eat that's when I just need to sit and not think about how bad my stomach feels. I go back in 2 more weeks to check the baby again and then I think I will feel better about going every 4 weeks. I just need to get past the 11 week mark for my sanity.
see where the little marks are...that's the baby head to rump

here too

I think the baby is upside down in this pic, but so much bigger.

My uterus has moved to almost the right spot. He said it will continue to straighten out once the baby gets bigger!


Jenny.Lee said...

So exciting!

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures! thanks for sharing. beki

April said...

Congrats, Jessica! That's so exciting!