April 30, 2009


So it was said that some of us are slackers in the blogging world. I must admit I have been one of those people. I am so sorry! So to make sure you all get your Jessica fix even while I am on VACATION, I will have a post for you everyday until we get back and then just give me a couple days so I can unpack and make myself go back to work.

So here’s an update from my last Question post. I have still NOT done a single one of them…I thought I had found a bra, brought it home and wore it for a couple hours and then I couldn't wait to get it off. I still can’t figure out the siggy thing, the Bible is going to need more research, I am enjoying YouVersion as of right now. Oh and my heels are still quite scary!

So how have you been?

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Jenny.Lee said...

I tend to be a slacker in the blogging world when it comes to posting. I comment well though! :)