March 3, 2009

The 3 Loves of My Life part 1

This is why I love being married to Casey and having Briley as my child. They love each other so much that it makes my heart pour over. The 2 of them are so much alike, and I love that. I love that no matter what we are doing, I can see Casey in Briley. I see Casey in Briley's eyes, those beautiful sparkling blue eyes that are the shape of tears. I see him in her nose, those slightly large nostrils that can smell something from the next room. I hear him in her laugh, oh how I love her laugh. Nothing makes my heart leap for joy faster than to hear her laugh. I love that she is ticklish on every inch of her body just like her daddy, but she always says "do it again", he does not. I love that she's only 3 and has this yearning to read, she will look all the tags on clothes just to tell me what size they are. I love that her imagination goes wild, when she plays by herself. Her favorite things are to: take long baths (so she can have a tea party in the bathtub), read, jump, run, read, eat string cheese, read, go to dance class, play with her friends, did i mention read.

I don't know what Casey was like as a kid, but I do know what I was like and she is not me. I have always sorta resented that she is nothing like me, just hoping that one day maybe she would turn into a brown eyed sweetie pie...well since that will never happen I will settle for the fact that the other 2 people that live in my small abode are truly my best friends. I ask Briley for fashion advice, it's usually followed by "no mommy, that shirt looks funny" then followed by "pish, I was just p'tending, you so beautiful" followed by me asking "did your daddy make you say that?" her "pish (again)(she did get that from me, score)yayes". I go to her to find out what we need to have for dinner. I go to her when I need a hug. I go to her when I need to cry. When I do cry, she will always ask me with the most tender heart "why you sad momma?" Usually I am not really sad but was watching something that made me either so happy I cried or was just a broken hearted moment. I tend to have those emotional moments a lot lately.

What I do know, is Casey is my number 2 and Briley is my number 3. God my number 1 was so good to me when he blessed me with these 2 people. I seriously could not have asked for a better combination of people than these 2. If it seems like I am rambling...I am. sorry., there is just so much that I want to say that I can't put all the words together, and the fact that I started this post out as one thing and it now turned into a to be continued, God must be at work.

I leave you with these pictures, true love is blooming!

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megan k said...

I can't believe she's so big