February 22, 2009

My Furniture Needs Help

Since Casey and I got married 6 1/2 years ago, we have been handed down a lot of furniture. Some of it we still have, others we have sent to new families. I am trying to spruce up my home (which is a beast in itself) in a VERY cheap way. There are a lot of things that need to be done, but i am just not that talented or creative in that way. I am going to post some pics of the items all of which have been hand me downs, that need the most done to them. Give me your thoughts and your ideas, and I will see what I can do to make these pieces alive again. I want something different, I don't want to be normal, but I also still want to be married :) Come people, I know I have some very creative people out there that read my blog...speak up, let me hear you!
This is one of 4 dining room chairs that need to be re-done

This is the dining room table, it is in BAD shape, I would show you the whole table but there is stuff on the other end. I need it to be pretty again so I don't try to hide it all the time with junk! AHH that's a good one "Honey, I am just trying to "hide" the table with all this junk so it doesn't feel so inadequate, I am sparing it's feelings" I think I will try that one.

This is a chair that I love to look at. It's terrible to sit in but it's nice to have around. I put that baby pillow there, since it matched my walls...I made it when i was like 5 or 6.
And then there is this thing. Don't judge me for the water rings...when you can clearly see the coasters on the table too. Maybe I will just tell you that the rings were there before the coasters. This thing is just really a place to put the fish "B" and the lamp, and hold a few magazines that we never re-read.
So there you have it. LAY IT ON ME! I am ready and willing to get this house prettified! Thanks in advance!


megan k said...

Go to this blog.. you could totally do all that she does... http://pinkinkcards.blogspot.com/

Or there's always craigslist..

Anonymous said...

hey girl, thanks for the card and cute pic in the mail. i just wanted to let you know that stella took it off the fridge and carries the pic around with her everywhere! she talks about briley like she is her bff:) she likes the bow. the pic is kinda crumpled but she still carries it in her car seat and purse with her. we need to get these girls together next time i'm in okc. beki

Jessica said...

Megan, that is so funny that you put that blog on here. I was looking at her blog(s) yesterday and it inspired me to do something. I think i can do something different but it's getting Casey on board!

Jessica said...


How cute is that. I love it! We should for sure get together next time you're down.

kacie said...

you know you could ask me...I'll rattle off 10 ideas for you. But I think that would involove a phone call. I can't type that much! ;)

Jessica said...


I so thought of you when I was looking at pinkink, you two remind me of eachother. Very Talented. I started to draw up some ideas last night for one chair but then i got a little scared at it not matching other things in my house. I will have to talk to you about where to start. Love ya girl!

E.Gray said...

You have talent in ya girl, I have seen it on briley's stool and heard about it on Calin's :) hehe Anyways, I am excited to see what you come up with, you need a house that shows your loving and outgoing personality, you have such life in you and I cant wait to see it reflected in your furniture that will soon show life. I would love to help with intricate painting and things like that, but I just dont have the ideas like the other girls do. You need to first think of what color palet you want to use and how colorful do you want things??

Lindsay said...

I love, love, love decorating! If I knew what styles appealed most to you, I would be more than glad to make low cost suggestions. One place you could get inspiration is www.hgtv.com. They have archives of design styles and budget friendly solutions to fish through. Also, I have experience with DIY painting, staining, etc. Let me know!