December 15, 2008

Trey is 90!

My Great Grandma turned 90 on Dec. 3rd! WOW, I can't even imagine being 90 years old. My mom and I threw her a party and it blew her away! I have never seen her cry so much out of just pure happiness! She kept telling me that I didn't have to work so hard on the party since it was just for her, I told her that she deserves much more than what we could do, and that it was not work, it was an honor to GET to do this for her. I am so glad that my B has grown to love her as much as I do, not to many people get to even meet their Great-Great Grandma's. Enjoy some pics from the party!

The girls who made the cake! (my cousins)

Random family people

My cousin Jeremy and his daughter Lily
That's about the only good pics that came out that day. I was way to busy making sure everything else was going good to worry about pics too, but I would do it again in a heart beat. I only hope I can do this for my Grandma in 19 years!

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