December 21, 2008


Do you ever have those days when you would do just about anything to hold a baby, to love on one, to have one to take home? Well, I have those often especially now that we are getting closer to what would have been my due date. To answer your question....yes I still get sad to really think about it, but I have grown so much that I can't say that I wouldn't want it to go the same way again. I am not asking for it to go that way EVER again but, if I had to do it all over again I would say sure God do what you need to do.

Ok well the purpose of this post was not to get all deep and sad on ya'll, but to say that I get to serve for the greatest Cast Member Relations chica ever. Julie Davis, fellow Delta Zeta might I add.

Every Christmas, I serve a couple extra experiences to help out with all the other people traveling for the holidays, and every Christmas I ask to be in a class younger than what I normally serve in. I won't lie, I desperately want to be put in Starry Night with those precious babies, but I usually won't say a specific class. So I don't sound so desperate :) This weekend was no different, I let Julie know that I could serve extra and she jumped right on it. I served in my normal Under the Sea class, which I need to brag on them for a bit. Those kids were excellent we only had 12 in our class which is a miracle in its own, I usually corral about 16-24 at times. So 12 was NO BIG DEAL! I loved it, actually! So after I was done in there I went to ask Julie where she needed me next and she gave me this "You might just pee in your pants, when I tell you where you are going" look and then she said it like an angel singing in the Heavens above, "You get to go to Starry Night". My face lit up and Casey just happen to be right there and we high-fived each other and if there wouldn't have been so many people in the hall way I would have done the victory dance. That's right folks about once or twice a year I get to go and LOVE on those super fat, roly poly, chubwubs, paci sucking, bottle feeding babies, and today was my day!

I got to feed, snuggle, rock and love on a little boy named Clayton. His momma said he was only 2 months old. He was so cute, and so FAT...the boy knew how to eat, I still can't get those cheeks out of my mind they are the kind that you just want to kiss on all day.

I didn't want to give him up, it felt so good holding onto someone that depended so much on me. I don't' get a whole lot of that at home anymore. Briley is Miss Independent and such a daddy's girl, it drives me crazy that she doesn't need me much anymore. So, I have to serve not only to serve God but so for an hour a week I feel needed. Man those babies can grip your heart can't they?

Gotta love them, I need one.....


E.Gray said...

you can come and cuddle with my hunky monkey little man anytime, he loves attention adn you know that :) love you girl and I will be praying that God blesses you at the right time. We love you.

megan k said...

Love ya