October 9, 2008

Homecation part 1

Casey and I decided a long time ago that we like to go weekend vacations throughout the year rather than a week long vacation. The only problem with that is we are limited to where we can go. We've been to Branson (which I love), we've been to Tulsa way to many times since moving from there. We've been to almost all the big cities in Texas, and Kansas...Colorado is just to far, and we have not ventured to Arkansas, which I have heard it's great.

So this past weekend we decided that we were going to go to Ft. Worth, it's not that far, B hasn't been there, and we were going to go to their Botanical Gardens, Science Museum and a Children's Theatre. Well we were having a horrible time finding a hotel that was cheap but nice. So, two days before we were to leave I told Casey that we needed to stay home and go to the same things here that Ft. Worth has. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend, we took Friday off and went to the Botanical Gardens, or Myriad Gardens, or Crystal Bridge...whatever you want to call it. We had a blast...here are some pics of B at the "Jungle" as she called it. I will post later some great plant pics that I got.


Brad and Ali said...

I love homecations!! She looks adorable!

megan k said...

Good idea!!

That's one thing I love about you Jessica, your cleverness.