October 1, 2008

Adding Family Members

There comes a time in most peoples lives when they feel it’s the right time to add a member to their family. We are at that time right now. Casey and I agree on what we want for our family:

It can be male or female…makes no difference to us.
Must be gentle
Must love people
Must love to go on walks
Must love kids
Must be able to sleep in a crate
Must not shed
Should not bark A LOT
No digging

Yes, my friends I am talking about a dog! We had a dog in the past and well, if you have known us for a while then you know why we don’t have him (Harley) anymore.

We loved that dog, and we still to this day think about him and we find his hair in random places in our house that he never lived in. He was an amazing dog 99% of the time. Every time I see a Basset trotting along the street with its owner I get a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. See, I am still so in love with him….I miss him. Anyway I digress!

Casey and I have been on the hunt for the perfect dog for our family, and since we love dogs so much we are having a hard time pin pointing just one type of breed. People I ask will always tell me why the breed they have is the best and I am sure it is for their family, but what about my family. Here are some pics of breeds that we like and feel are the most appropriate for our family, so please tell me which one you think we should get! Also, if I don’t have a pic of one that you think we should consider please by all means tell me and I will look it up.

Australian Shepherd



Golden Retriever

Italian Greyhound


megan k said...

Matt will always always vote for a boxer. I will always always vote for a vizsla (bird dog).

He has a buddy who has beagles.. They tend to run away. They get on a scent and follow it-forever apparently.

If I wasn't such a vizsla fan, I'd get a retired greyhound.

If the keeshond is like a chow I hear they can be mean. Matt had one as a kid and they had to get rid of it. It bit a kid.

Good choices though.. If I could only vote for one. I'd go with Matt-boxer.

E.Gray said...

OK...I am a total dog person and I do have an opinion that will hopefully help you think about the options. First, a beagle is very cute but a very annoying "bark/hawl" I am sure you have heard them "bellow". The last dog Keeshon, looks like it might shed ALOT, the little italian greyhound looks like it might be a "yipper", you know the annoying little barks. So I think the aussie is amazing and very kind, intelligent dogs (close friend use to have an amazing one), the boxer is precious and I know most are pretty kind but can need alot of attention, the Golden is obviously a best freind to everyone (unless you get an over-hyper one like my bro had one time) but they are such amazing dogs both Chris and I have had one when we both were growing up. So I would say Aussie or Golden. Man, but every dog is precious and can be an amazing companion if the personality meshes with yours :) I would love to see your new addition as soon as you get it :) I LOVE DOGS!!! (whatever you do though I highly recommend taking it to obedience school at Oklahoma city kennel club by the capitol (just ask me about it, it is amazing)

Jess said...

Don't get a lab!

Visla recommendation is not good. Visla's need a LOT, a LOT, a LOT of exercise. And they are like velcro lovey dogs, they want to be your child.

Goldens are good but some are calm, some are spastic. There is a great rescue where you could get a 1 or 2 year old that is already well trained and calm.

Same goes for boxers, love them but they need good training, a firm hand.

I always recommend rescue. There is a tulsa boxer rescue. There are too many doggies without homes already. If you decide to buy, go with a reputable breeder, not a backyard breeder...too sad.

Good Luck! Big decisions!

nicole said...

since we have 2 aussies...my recommendation is an aussie...but looking at your list of qualities...you need to be ready to vacuum ALL the time!!! but let me tell you they are amazing dogs. we did lots of research before getting riddick...aussies are as loyal as goldens but are usually a little smarter...our second (Trace)was a little needy at first...but he was kind of a rescued one. Riddick is the best dog EVER...wish we could clone him. they love cooper and are very protective. so, anyway...if you can put up with the hair...aussies will make a great addition to the fam!

megan k said...

Sounds like no one is very helpful. ;)

I'm slightly offended by the person who is a vizsla hater. I had one as a kid and he wasn't needy. He did require what every other dog needs; exercise. We didn't take him on special walks or anything. My g-ma's was a 'velcro' dog, but she lived alone so the dog was all she had hence the 'velcro' effect.

Just shows Jessica, dogs are like politics. Everyone has their own opinion. :)

Good luck!! haaha