August 12, 2008

My Favorite Movies

I love movies, but Casey and I don't watch them. We get so busy with other things that we can't just sit down and watch a movie and if we do I usually fall asleep. Well here is a list of movies that I would NEVER fall asleep in.
1. Anchorman- The character Rick The Weather Guy is my favorite...."I love lamp"!
2. Napoleon Dynamite- This movie is just down right funny.
3. My Best Friends Wedding- I love Julia Roberts and this one is my favorite of hers.
4. The Count of Monte Cristo- Gotta love Jim Cavezal's Blue eyes.
5. 50 First Dates-I love this movie and the music.
6. Dodgeball- So stupid it's funny!
7. Something About Mary- Another stupid but funny movie.
8. Rudy- This movie gives me goosebumps every time.
9. Father of the Bride- I want that house!
10. The Notebook- I watched this movie when I was pregnant with B....bad idea! This movie is so sweet and I cry a lot throughout the whole thing.
Ok, people your turn! I need some good movie suggestions so that MAYBE we will watch movies more often!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Matt and I have a horrible movie infatuation and really really like the same thing. But a few that I can remember that we have recently liked was:

Fools Gold

Love checking in on your blog!