August 22, 2008

Friday Pics

It's Friday and I thought it would be a great day to share some pics of my SWEET Briley and a couple of her Daddy! Enjoy!!!

First time to wear overalls, these are hand me down overalls so they are still to big but come Fall she should be able to wear them, and hopefully she'll wear a shirt.
Pure Sweetness

She was carrying Lily and Sadies doll around in her skirt like it was a sling. She'll be a good Momma someday.

My Mr. Hotness
Show me those teeth again tiger....
Love those baby blues

"The moon is awake Mommy"

Beauty and her Daddy
Yummy icing
More yumm-o
Sticky faceCutie Patootie


Jess said...

She is so cute and that is a great pic of the hubby!

megan k said...

She looks so big!

Dee Light said...

Messy Cooking Face Pics!!! My favorite!!!

Cute blog.