July 22, 2008


I know two posts in one day, you should be so lucky. However, this is an urgent request from my faithful readers!

I have a dear, sweet, beautiful friend (who shall remain nameless) of mine that just found out that once again, yes I said once again, she has lost her baby. She was 7.5 weeks along this time. Not very many people knew that she was even pregnant so I am sure this is even harder for her to deal with. On top of that her husband is out of town till Friday. She is doing this all ALONE, along with trying to deal with her sweet lil almost 2 year old daughter.

I feel so incredibly blessed that she would come to me and tell me about what happened. She knows what I went through and she felt safe telling me. So I am begging you to please pray for her. She is an amazing woman of God, and she was always the safe place for me to go to when we were in school.

I pray that God would give her peace, comfort and the right outlets to deal with the physical and emotional pain. I pray for her husband, you know he has got to feel so bad for not being able to be there for his Bride. I pray for their daughter who will not understand right now, but hopefully will be that hug, or the yummy kiss, or be the peace that her mommy needs. I feel so much sorrow for her not only because mine is still so fresh but because I don't want to hear that someone else has to say goodbye to a baby.

Please just pray!


Jess said...

Thank you so much for your compliment. I have come to realize that this deployment for us was the greatest blessing, stripping away my comforts of life allowed me to grow closer to Him than ever before. And I love that you are proud of me, not weird at all!

I am definitely praying for your friend today. I am glad that you were able to comfort her in this difficult time.

Beki said...

you are very kind hearted jess. i miss you.