July 22, 2008

Briley's B

I have had the decorating bug for the last week or so, so I decided to finish a lot of the projects I started but had yet to finish. The first one I am almost finished with is a bow holder for Briley. I have had this idea and the supplies for oh let's ummm 6 months now! Yes that's right way to long. I am almost finished with it all I need to do is hot glue the ribbon on it to hold the bows and then hang it on the wall.

My next project to finish is the stool that I started in January for Erryn, who had a baby boy in April. Really people, why do I put off these fun lil craft things. Erryn if you read this I promise I am almost done with the B and then I will finish Calin's stool!

Here's the B

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