July 29, 2008


I heard a song today on T.V. and I really liked it, so it made me start to think about things that are my favorite. My B already has faves too, she will look at a candle and smell it and say "that's my favorite candle"....she says this about every candle she smells, but at least she is lovin' life!

So I am going to post a series of "Jessica's Faves" and I will start with songs.

Just a little background, I love music just about any kind except heavy metal and raunchy songs. That being said I "think" I know all the words to most songs too, when in fact that is not true. Have you ever read that book that has the correct lyrics of songs versus what people think the lyrics are? Well let me tell you that those authors were in my car, shower, house etc. when they wrote that book. For example the Aerosmith song "Dude looks like a lady", in all my years (until Casey corrected me) I thought it was "Do me like a lady" I know there are many more but that is not the purpose of this post. But please if you have any songs that you sang/sing differently let me know, I don't want to be the only one out there singin' the wrong lyrics!

So here's the top 10 list in no particular order:
Check out the links to each song!
1. Gangster's Paradise- Coolio- I have loved this song since it came out don't ask me why, it's not like I grew up in the "hood" or can you call Deer Creek the "hood"? Probably not!

2. Roll On- Alabama- I remember singing this one a the top of my lungs with my mom and dancing all over our house to it.

3. One Friend-Dan Seals- I know, this one goes way back but I have always loved this song and it is just a sweet song. This is the song that if I could get married to Casey again we would dance to.

4. Love Song- Third Day- This was our wedding song that the amazing Brandon Grissom sang for us.

5. Baby got back- Sir-Mix-Alot- What can I say I loves me some juicy doubles!

6. You give love a bad name- Bon Jovi- Honestly it was really hard to pick just one Bon Jovi song. I love this man, if Casey wouldn't have swept me off my feet, I would be a Bon Jovi groupie! My Glenda, Cousin Tasha and I use to wear out this tape when we were at the lake every summer. Ahh the good ol tape days!

7. Shoop- Salt-N-Pepa- My friends from Deer Creek use to sing this in the middle school bathroom after lunch every day.

8. Pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard- This goes along with Bon Jovi it's hard to just pick one song, but somebody's gotta do it.

9. Any man of mine- Shania Twain-Now this one I can really belt out, and I REALLY do know all the words to this just ask Byrony!

10. Hollaback Girl-Gwen Steffani- B-A-N-A-N-A-S, any song that spells that out has got to be good. I just love this song, I could do with out the cursing but it is so catchy....love it!

I told you mine now it's your turn. What are your favorite songs?


Jess said...

I dont have a list but your list cracked me up! Jessica Moore is a bon jovi groupie?? WHAT?

megan k said...

I've been thinking about this today and even though I like too many bands/songs to name. I will tell you what I have on my phone. (some not all of what I have)
Andre Bocelli, Chris Tomlin, Counting Crows, DMB, Foreigner, Guns N' roses, Pavarotti, Maple Street, Mercy Me, MW Smith, Shane Barnard, Styx, U2, Trent and some Trace Adkins. ;) Very random I know. ;)