June 12, 2008

How I told people.

One of my favorite things to do is surprise people. I get a real joy out of seeing their reactions and it usually brightens their day. In this post I am going to tell you how I told the rest of my friends and family members that we are pregnant.

The hardest one not to tell was my parents. There was one Saturday that my mom wanted to go shopping and I needed to get some new clothes for my new "stuffy" job. My mom kept pushing me to buy some new pants, I really didn't want to b/c I knew I wouldn't wear them for very long. I bought some with some nice elastic waist bands (not the Granny type but cute type). Anyways that's why it was hard to not tell her. It was a couple days before Memorial day, and I couldn't hold it in anymore, so when we went to my parents house I gave my mom a late birthday present and under that gift was the onesie that I had made. Briley was wearing her T-shirt too. Mom looked in her gift and unrolled the onesie and she said "well, don't you think this is a little to small for Briley?" I said "Yes, it is to small for Briley...." then in the middle of my sentence she said "You're Pregnant?" Finally, I thought she would never get it. They were pretty surprised and happy.

Next came Chris and Erryn Gray (our life group leaders) they actually came over the same night we told my parents. Chris and Casey had the girls out playing on the swing set at my parents house and Erryn was saying what a great thing to have for Briley and one day more kids. I said, "what about now" Erryn "WHAT?" I said "There will be another one real soon!" She got really excited and gave me a huge hug! What a great friend she is. Later Chris was holding Calin their infant and he was just talking to him and playing with him and I asked him if in 8 months he could do that with ours. He just started laughing, it was a great night to spill the beans.

Now it was the rest of our Life Groups turn. Not everybody was there, so some of them didn't get to hear. Casey made the comment of we are going to start our number 2 baby in January. Well, first of all how he said it was way weird, Brad and Ali didn't get it all. Brad even made a comment of well aren't you a little behind since it's May? Then finally it sank in....

Since not everyone was at the Life Group I decided to tell them with the rest of my friends except my college friends. Actually I told my boss first, I had made out my sick leave form for the doctors appt. and attached a picture of a pregnancy test to it. She was not in for most of the morning so when she came in I got really nervous. It was only my 2nd week of work with her and I just didn't know how she would react. She yelled across the hall...."So are you saying there's going to be a new addition to the Marketing Dept." She was super happy and not at all upset. After that I sent out a mass email to my work friends, sorority sisters, and a few random people telling them in the subject line to take a look. The message said that I had a great picture for them to look at, and attached the same pregnancy test picture to it. People loved it and I got so many emails.

Ok so finally I wanted to wait to tell our college friends in person. We had a couples wedding shower this past weekend and everybody was just milling around talking amongst themselves and I had signed Jess and Kelly's card from Casey, Jessica, Briley and Baby #2. Casey finally gave it to Jess and he was about to open it when he went inside the house....I had a freak out moment of "I won't get to see his reaction aggh!" I could still see him through the glass door and he opened it and I could see him reading it. If you know Jess, you know how LOUD he can be. Through the door I hear "WHAT, NO WAY" then he proceeded to try to get everyone around and that didn't work so he just told Kelly, and then Megan was like "You're pregnant?" I said "Yes" then she said "I knew it" She does know me pretty well! This one other than telling Casey was my absolute favorite, just because of Jess' reaction. Gotta love it.

I love all my friends and I just ask that you pray for me and the baby that we are healthy throughout the whole pregnancy.


megan k said...

We are praying. In fact I will pray right now. I know how important and helpful those prayers are.

Nicole Knox said...

We are so happy for you guys! We say your sweet girl and husband at the park today! Hope to see you tomorrow at church.

Ali Ruhman said...

I totally thought Casey was saying you were going to try in January! It's so cool how you made it so fun to tell everyone!