June 9, 2008

Coming in January!

I finally get to blog about this and I am so excited.

Casey and I are expecting our second child in January! I am due exactly one week after Briley's 3rd birthday! I plan real well....don't I?

From the beginning:

I pretty much knew that I was pregnant the moment it happened. How you say? Just a feeling. We prayed and I just knew that God was going to answer our prayers that night. A couple days later I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Bummer! Then I realized I was jumping the gun. I was still 3 weeks away from starting. I just had to know but since I had that "feeling" it was no big deal that the stick said negative. I remember looking at it going "Whatever, you are soooo wrong."

A couple weeks go by and by this point I am growing extremely impatient. I still knew I was pregnant, but yet again the test said negative. I cried, because I was frustrated that the stupid stick couldn't finalize the thoughts I was having. My boobs were killing me, I was extremely tired, and of course I would cry at the drop of a hat.

Finally it was about 3 days before I was suppose to start my period and I went to the store and bought 2 more tests. I waited till the next morning to test. Before I got into the shower, I took the test. I took the fastest shower I have ever taken, because I wanted to see what it said before Casey woke up. I get dried off and there it is VERY faintly I see a cross! Mmmm, that is a wonderful way to tell a woman she is pregnant....by a cross. I have never in my life thought twice about the cross in the little window, but it is a clear sign that God works in EVERY way, and that he is EVERY where. Now after that thought just now, I feel bad about what I did next. After I got dressed I hid the test so Casey couldn't see it, I had planned a really fun way to tell him and it had to wait till later in the day.

I went all day not telling a sole. I prayed, laughed, cried, and dreamed all by myself. It was wonderful, just me and God in on this huge secret. When I got home, I arrived before Casey and Briley did....(the feel bad part) I took another test because I was second guessing the cross. How dare I do that! Anyway, yet again it was a cross....I about did a back flip. This time I hid both test sticks in Briley's room. I knew no one would find them there.

A few weeks before we even started trying to get pregnant I came up with a plan of how I was going to tell Casey. I got on cafepress.com and searched for creative T-shirts for Briley. I finally figured out what I was going to do. So I bought Briley a shirt that said I love my Daddy, and then I created a onesie that said Me too! I thought it was a great idea.

When Briley got home that night I brought her into her room so I could dress her in her new shirt. We also put the new onesie on one of her biggest baby dolls. This doll also has a play diaper on so I stuck the 2 tests in the diaper. We swaddled up the baby and Briley took it out to Casey and told him to unwrap it. He unwrapped the baby doll and saw the onesie, but he thought I had just bought her baby a onesie. Does he really think I would be that wasteful with our money? Anyway, my plan was not going well. First of all I had set out the video camera but I didn't use it, and second of all he didn't get it. So I had Briley tell him that the baby needed her diaper changed. So he undoes the onesie and takes off the diaper and the test sticks fall out and he grabbed them and looked at me with this huge smile on his face. He said "Really, your pregnant?" I said "yes, and the onesie is for the baby" He then proceeded to say "Man we are too good at this, I've got the Magic Bullet." There ya go that's my husband.

We are super excited and I have a lot more to blog about on this but this one is getting really long so I will post another later. Thanks for reading. If you are reading this will you please pray for this pregnancy, I know that we would really appreciate it.


Ali Ruhman said...

Your so creative! I don't know how you went a whole day without telling Casey. I couldn't do it! I'm so happy for you guys, I can't wait to meet him or her!

megan k said...

Congrat's again!! I will be getting your bassinet back to you soon!!