June 2, 2008


So, we’ve had our new bed and new to us mattress since Friday! Hallelujah I finally got a good nights rest. The problem is when Mathis Brothers delivered our bed; they didn’t have the right bolts to attach the headboard to the rails. How do you not have the right bolts for something brand new?

Anyway, Casey drove to Mathis Brothers after the delivery people left. I was thinking to myself that this is crap we paid for delivery and look at us now….we are driving back there to get the right bolts, so that probably added 10 bucks to the total price. When Casey got to Mathis Brothers he went to the cashier’s desk and told the guy our problem, and Casey said that he was very stern with him…but in Casey terms means that he was still VERY polite. I so would have been ANGRY! How in the world did I GET to marry this wonderful man? I digress.

By the time Casey left Mathis Brothers, we had $150 back on our card. Way to go Casey! Maybe being polite pays off. He also got another packet of bolts. When he got home he started to put the bed together and the bolts didn’t work they were too big. What the heck how are they to big? Now, this starts the drama of the bolts. It is now Monday and Casey has been to 3 different stores and my dad’s tool shed looking for bolts that fit this bed with no luck. They are all too big! I guess we will keep looking for the right bolts and maybe by Christmas I will get to sleep in a bed instead of a mattress on the floor!

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megan k said...

Hey I know where you can get some bolts; can you say Fastenal? :)