May 28, 2008

New things

A couple weeks ago, Casey and I decided that we needed more space in our Master Bedroom. We came up with a great plan and the next we put the plan into action. First action: I put our 5-pc bedroom set up for sale at work, and within seconds we had someone that wanted to buy it. They came over and looked at it and said they wanted it. This past Thursday they came and loaded it up in a U-haul, and paid us the $350 we asked for. I threw in our bedding, curtains, and mattress pad. I personally think they got an amazing deal!

So since Thursday, I have been sleeping on an air mattress that stays aired up for about 3 hours! By morning time my butt is on the ground and I am holding on for dear life, so I don't fall off! I get the bed to myself ( I would call myself lucky, but I am not), Casey can't sleep on the air mattress so he gets the couch. I envy him!

Monday, we went to Mathis Brothers and bought a bed. We looked for hours and couldn't agree on one, but then our sales lady (Kathy Estes...if you need a sales person) showed us one that is discontinued ie. cheap, and Casey said OK this is it. So we bought it, for $458! We bought just the bed nothing else. My parents bought a new sleep number mattress so they are giving us their King mattress and box springs!

We get our bed on Friday, and I can't wait. I just hope it fits in our tiny room!

Since we are upgrading to a King I GET to go and buy new bedding! I am so excited, tell me which one you all like the best!


I like them both, and they are the same price $79.99 at Linen and Things. I will update you all once I get the bed and bedding together....then I will need help on paint colors!


megan k said...

Man, that's tough! I like brown a lot and it's kind of manly, BUT those shades of green are nice. I think though, you could do more fun decor w/ the brown? Maybe?

Ali Ruhman said...

I like the first one!