May 1, 2008

Big Boat Trip

Well, what more can I say about my trip other than it was absolutely amazing! The food, entertainment, most of the atmosphere, and the view were wonderful. My family had a great time and my MOM had a blast, and that's what matter most to me.

If I am ever "rich" with money I am so buying a vacation house in Cozumel. That place is awesome. We went snorkeling off the coast there. We didn't get to see to many colorful fish, but I did see a jelly fish and my friend Jennifer saw a sting ray. I got bit on my ankle by something, man that hurt like crazy!

After that we went to this private beach where we laid in awesome hammocks and then we got our floaters and enjoyed the water. BTW, salt water is gross! While I was trying to learn to breathe through my mouth when snorkeling, I think I drank a gallon of salt water.....maybe that's why I was bloated :)
My friend Jennifer in the hammock

All in all it was a blast, I think I would have had even more fun had Casey gotten to go. Maybe next time!

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