April 14, 2008


My husband the wonderful man that he is, decided to save his money from his birthday and buy a Wii. He had been searching for a month, when finally we found one.
We were at Target on Friday night, just looking around when he went over to the electronics section just see if they had one and they did. He looked at me with eyes of a 5 year old asking his mommy permission to buy his favorite toy. I did the only mommy thing I could do and gave him the cocked head, with a cute lil smile and shook my head yes! Like he really needed to ask me,
it's his money.
We have played it every night and can't get enough of it. We haven't laughed this hard at each other in months! Who knew that one little toy could bring so much joy! So now, all you other Wii people we need to get together and have a Wii party!


Nicole Knox said...

Husbands are so sweet! It was great seeing you on Sunday!!

Jessica said...

Nicole, it was great seeing you too. It's funny how we know eachother and we are friends with eachothers friends but we have never hung out....maybe we should do that sometime!

Ali Ruhman said...

Don't you just love playing the Wii! We really need to get together soon and play some Wii. Let us know when is good for you!

megan k said...

I need cruise pictures!!!!