February 6, 2008


So for the past year now Casey and I have been searching for a Life Group to attend. We thought, heck this shouldn't be so hard, since we fell in love with the only one we tried in Tulsa. We were spoiled I guess, Derrick and Rachel were awesome leaders and we loved every minute of life with them.
So when we moved back to Edmond, we started searching again. We had a lot of people invite us to their group, the only problem was....they were our friends. We really wanted something that was new and people that didn't know us. We tried one group and it was a bomb, we left there thinking what in the world was that. We were the only ones talking, like we were the leaders. It was just really awkward. Then all of the sudden we found 2 LG's to try out. The first one was with a group of people our age and we see them at church all the time, we all have kids around the same age. That meeting was great, we felt that we clicked really well with them and the leaders are amazing Christians. The second group was with people that are older than us. We thought no big deal, we are mature enough to hang out with these thirtysomethings.....the meeting went well, but we felt a little behind with them. They have all been in a group for a long time so they already had this really strong bond, and that's hard to squeeze into.
So, you guessed it we went with the 1st group. I love it, I feel bad for Casey he has only made one meeting and one men's breakfast, all the other times he's been working. I have been going to the LG by myself and I don't feel weird at all. Normally I would feel very insecure and not go, but I feel at such ease with them that I don't even care. God has been working on me in that department for a long time....it's finally paying off. I am ready to really get to know these wonderful people and to have other friends to hang out with instead of just my parents. I pray that God continues to develop these relationships and that he continues to mature my heart. God is Good! All the Time!

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