December 20, 2010

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...It's grey day but it's gonna be warm!

I am thinking... I love this week so much. Get to spend lots of time with family and best of all we get to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

I am thankful...for all the help my husband gave me this weekend. I was busy all weekend at church and he played Mr. Mom all weekend. LOVE HIM!

From the learning room...We are on break! Lots of reading and playing games and enjoying each other!

From the kitchen...

Monday-  Pancakes and Eggs
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday- Out at Alvarado's for Briggs' birthday
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Dinner at my Parents house
Saturday- Mexican dinner at my parents house 
Sunday- Crockpot Chicken

I am wearing...grey pants and a pink and grey tank

I am creating...A gift for my Mom and wrapping gifts

I am going...
Monday- Taking care of Casey after his root canal today. 
Tuesday- Nowhere
Wednesday- Celebrating Briggs' 1st birthday with family and friends
Thursday- Christmas Service at
Friday- Making PW's Cinnamon Rolls and Christmas Eve party at my parents
Saturday-Breakfast at my house with my parents and opening gifts, then Christmas dinner at my parents

I am reading...The Blessed Life by Robert Morris and some photography books to help me learn how to use my new camera.

I am hoping...That Casey's root canal goes well and he is not in much pain afterwards

I am hearing...Briley reading a silly book

Around the house...trying to not mess up the house to much and finishing up our wrapping

One of my favorite things...Watching my kids, Hugging my kids, Kissing my kids and just being their mom!

Prayer Request...can you pray for a little 4 yr old boy who attacked by a dog this weekend. Also for Casey's root canal.

Picture for the week
 My little Sumo Wrestler
 Pretty girl
 My 3 loves
 Briley holding a Boa. Not sure why she will hold this but she won't pet a dog...hmmm
 Handsome pants
 Eating his 1st birthday cake
 He never really got any in his mouth, we had to feed it to him
 messy but cute!


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