December 6, 2010

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...It's a cold day and I LOVE it!

I am thinking... It's about to get really busy! I love this time of year, I get to see so many wonderful people and everybody is enjoying the season!

I am thankful...for my family, as always, but today I am thankful for my friends. I am beyond blessed to have so many beautifully wonderful people in my life, they make my life even better. I am so glad I have people that laugh at my stories, and most importantly I have friends who PRAY for me, when I need it the most!

From the learning room...We are working on our Christmas crafts. Briley is enjoying getting to countdown to Jesus' birthday and she thinks it's so "cool, Mom" that Briggs' birthday is right before Jesus'. She says "I bet they are going to be good friends" I surely hope so sweetie!

From the kitchen...

Monday-  Monkey Bread
Tuesday- Mac and Cheese and home made Chicken Nuggets
Wednesday- Dinner at LifeGroup
Thursday- Grilled chicken and scalloped potatoes
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Casey's work party {Potluck}
Sunday- Christmas party {Potluck}

I am wearing...Dark Grey pants and a Pink shirt

I am creating...A gift for my Mom, Briley's teacher gifts and finishing Briggs' stocking

I am going...
Monday- Watching the little girlie's and Panera with my Ignite girls
Tuesday- Watching Bri and Bayleigh
Wednesday- Hobby Lobby and Lifegroup
Thursday- Ignite co-op and Briley's dance class
Friday- Possibly going to Ignite's Christmas pageant
Saturday-Kylee's b-day party at the Y, possibly Michael's b-day party and then Casey's work Christmas party
Sunday-Church, b-day parties at my parents, Child Dedications Parent Meeting and then the Christmas party

I am reading...notta, got any good book suggestions?

I am hoping...With our busy month that I can still focus on the true meaning of this season and not get to February and wonder what happened to December.

I am hearing...Dinosaur Train, 2 babies playing and 3 girlie's playing in Briley's room...hmm, I wonder why Dinosaur Train is still on {I like it}

Around the house...Wrapping gifts and Casey is working on our website

One of my favorite things...Spoonerisms! {Meat & Magan}

Prayer Request...I have a dear sweet friend who is having a hysterectomy tomorrow. Please keep her and her husband and 2 sweet boys in your prayers. She's only young!

Picture for the week
 Briggs wearing my new hat
 I actually took a decent picture
Briley holding sweet Colbie
Briley all ready for a Christmas Party

Typical brother/sister pic

Briggs was not happy!

Have a great week!

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