December 8, 2010

I have Questions

Do you ever have questions that you need more than just one opinion on? Well I do too! I couldn't figure out how to ask my questions without bombarding people on FB, and then I had an idea...USE YOUR BLOG! duh. So here I am asking my questions and I would love to have a lot of responses. Most of these are "girl" questions...sorry boys, you can comment too if you feel led to.

1. When applying mascara do you put it on your bottom eyelashes? I don't, but I didn't know the "proper" way of wearing mascara.

2. If you use Photoshop...what are some of your favorite actions to use for your pictures?

3. Where can I shop to find cute clothes, other than Kohls, Target and the "mall" stores?

4. How I help my daughters long hair from getting so much static in it?

5. What's the best hair spray to use? Pump or Aerosol?

6. Home school question...what are your favorite curriculum's to use? I was using one, but I don't think it's right for our family right now.

7. What are some fun games you play with your kids?

8. What is nice perfume that is not to overwhelming?

9. When do you go grocery shopping? Certain day? Time?

10. What's your kids favorite snack?

11. What's the best place to go eat on a date?

12. If you had 2 days/1 night in Dallas what would you do?

13. What's the best Yoga DVD's for beginners?

14. What's your favorite book/website for the best nutritional information and ideas?

15. What are the best running/workout shoes?

16. What's your favorite brand of jeans?

17. What do you eat to fix your sweet tooth?

18. What's your favorite Bible verse? Mine is "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

19. What women's devotional would you recommended? 

20. Other than your kids names what is your favorite name for a boy and a girl? Mine are: girl-Campbell and boy-Reggie...nah just kidding it's Joshua

Alright ya'll get busy and answer my questions. Pass this along to all your friends I would love to get lots of suggestions! My readers rock so I know I will have plenty of awesome answers! 

Peace out!


erin said...


1. Yes, you should wear mascara on the bottom

2. I use Pioneer Woman, , , and my personal favorite 2 layers, make one screen, one overlay and mess with the levels on each.

3. I love Ross, TJ Maxx and Goodwill (unique stuff)

6. We don't use curriculum! Just games and lots of reading.

7. Checkers, chess, go fish, alphabet go fish, war, candy land, operation, games from this dice book we have, chinese checkers, games from Games for Learning book.

8. I like Estee Lauder perfumes

9. I do my shopping when one of my boys are at Martial Arts in the evening. Although I think it's great that some Mom's get to shop without kids, I find it a good opportunity to work on manners and obedience when I take them. How else will they learn?

10. Hummus and veggies, homeade healthy muffins, fruit, plain unsweetened yogurt with Stevia, nuts, popcorn popped from plain kernels w/ some olive oil and sea salt.

11. date? what's that? We do stuff at home.

14. Real Food by Nina Planck Keeper of the Home blog, Kitchen Stewardship blog

15. Nike Air Max

16. Buckle or brands that they carry at The Buckle. I spend a lot of money to get good quality jeans!

17. dark chocolate

18. Lots, but one is Phil 4:7 The peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (my name means peace)

19. 31 days of Praise, My Utmost for His Highest

20. I like Molly and Annie. Boy: Easton

Monkeys and Tutus said...

1 - i do both top and bottom

3 - its in the mall but new york and company is my fav

4 - spray hairspray on brush before brushing and i put garnier sleek and shine on while wet it helps too

5 - i like aerosol even though its supposedly bad for environment???

8 - all perfumes kill my allergies but i like most of the victoria secret body spray scents they are light and still smell great

9 - afternoon while everyone else is at work

10 - graham crackers

11 - shoguns

12 - id go to frisco and do Ikea, sam moon and Carter (kids clothing store) or grapevine!

15 - i prefer addidas

16 - i really like the fit of new york and companys jeans

18 - Mine too

19 - I need a good one!

20 - for a boy Axton Tate and for a Girl Chandler Marie -

Kristin Ford said...

1. Only the top lashes, but I use eyeliner to complete the bottom.

2. I don't use photoshop

3. Stein Mart...and friend them on FB for coupons.

4. Use a dryer sheet.

5. Paul Mitchell Hold me tight.

6. My sis HS her kids...she likes k-12....starfall is a fun site for little ones...

7. we like train for the older one(10) but also good for younger ones too!!!

8. Michael Kors. Love it!!

9. You never know....always a different time and day!

10. Nutella and Celery or carrots and ranch but lebaneese treats are always welcome with them!!

11. Othellos is nice...downtown we like Stella, 1492, and next to try is Ludivine!!!

12. Ikea, World Market, Sam Moon, Legacy Square and Maggiano's.... but never in Dallas proper, always Frisco/Plano area!!

13. Yoga gives me migranes....

14. We are a gluten free family, so most of our info is on Gluten free sites.

15. Saucony

16. I like the fit of Sevens... but only on sale or at TJ MAXX

17. Vanilla yogurt helps but doesn't relieve it!!!

18. I John 4: 19 God’s love is the source of all human love. It is not natural for man to love God. We love Him because He first loved us." This is a process..the more I get to "know" God the more I love Him but it always amazes me that He can love me!

19. Not a devotional, but if you want a good grasp of EVERYTHING in life, The Prophet is my favorite!

20. Girl: Lily
Boy: Dax