September 6, 2010

My "Classroom" Tour

I thought I would give you a tour of my "classroom". It's nothing fancy but it works for if I could only get my "craft room" organized :)

This is where I keep everything. I have some tags in the works for the green buckets, just need to get them cut out on my Cricut! Under these shelves I have all my craft stuff and my curriculum books.
This is where we begin our school day. {yes I realize that there are not 31 days in Sept...I forgot to put it away after August}
This is our Art Line...we hang her art here and after a couple months I take everything off and put the art in a tub.
This is our school table. This table was given to us after we got married by my parents and they had it for a LONG's old and loved. It has stains and the wood stain is peeling off in some areas, but I love it. I would like to refinish it but don't know when that will happen. We {ok Casey} is working to finish painting our wood work. That's why the doors are off of their hinges in the background.

Well, that's our "classroom". Now believe me when I tell you's never this clean. I picked up just for you! Hope you enjoyed the tour, now go have a good Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

Love your room! The blue is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful year. Following from the HOP!

Our Family said...

What a great place for school! Sometimes the old & loved tables are the best- I know I don't mind getting them as dirty/paint filled/etc. as they wait to be refinished! :) Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop! Have a great day!

Cana said...

I love the hanging clips for school stuff.

Visiting from the Homeschool Hop

Mary said...

I love the color! You are so organized too, it is inspiring.