January 15, 2010

Hello There!

So it's been a while since I've posted anything.

We are doing good, just adjusting to life with a newborn. Briggs was born 12/22/2009 at 12:59pm by c-section. It is so great to have him here. He has added so much joy to our lives, but with that has come some struggles too. It's hard going from working full-time with one kid in daycare to staying home with 2 kids, one being 4 yrs old and missing her friends and the other being the newborn who wakes whenever he wants to, needs to be feed all the time, and poops at every feeding. The first 2 weeks were really hard, luckily I had Casey home for a week and a half. That was great. When he went back to work, I had to learn who I was again, on top of doing all this mommy stuff. I love it now, and I am still adjusting, but it is all good now. Wishing I could get more sleep but I am pretty sure that will come soon enough, and I will be wishing Briggs was a newborn again.

Here are some pics of my Lil Taco! I love him dearly and if you haven't met him yet (ah hem, Megan) he will surely bring a smile to your face!


megan k said...

*looking down at the ground kicking dirt* I know. That night we were in OKC i promise you did not want us coming by. You would not have wanted to be my friend when we left.

I look at your pics and smile b/c I know how much joy our Cooper has brought us and I am so excited you have a son also.

He is just so so cute Jess.

Now on a random note.. How come the list of blogs you love doesn't list by when they were published? Just curious.

We are bouncin tomorrow, but I am trying to figure out a good time to come up OR when we can have a meet and tea or whatever it's called.

The Noles said...

What a Handsome little BOY! Boys are so much fun!
Your blog is precious! hope to see you soon!