September 15, 2009

Middle Name Time

I've never had so much trouble coming up with names in my life. I guess girl names are just really easy for me. Briley's middle name was a no brainer, our middle names are the same. Here we are now just 3 months away from Mr. Briggs coming home, and I don't have a middle name for him.

This is where you come in, send me some suggestions. Our only requirement is it must be 2 or more syllables long. Here are a few that I came up with...Casey and I just can't agree, so help!

Briggs Hagen Moore- this is a family name of Casey's
Briggs Sullivan Moore
Briggs Anderson Moore
Briggs McDaniel Moore-this is a family name of mine
Briggs Jernigan Moore
Briggs Harrison Moore

His middle name doesn't have to be a last name but my mind is just set that way.

Briggs Lucas Moore
Briggs Joshua Moore
Briggs Boden Moore

So as you can see we need help!


Kristin said...

Well, I would place my vote on Briggs Joshua, first, but I have some other favorites!! I really like Briggs Hagen, too. What about Briggs Francis??? or maybe you should leave off the middle and last name and he can be one of "those" people that require only a first :)!! Fabio! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I love Briggs Hagen and also Briggs Lucas

Ali said...

I love Briggs Sullivan and Briggs Lucas.