June 24, 2009


*Update* Some have asked to see the meanings of the names I have on this list. So you will find the below. Thanks for giving me your opinions, they are really helping!!!
Needing some input from my super blog readers…and comment leavers. In 6 weeks we find out what we are having, either a boy or a girl… you knew that right? I have ALWAYS had my baby names picked out way before I even had babies. Like for Briley, I knew in college I was going to name my first girl that. When we did get pregnant with her Casey and I struggled to agree on a boy name…to this day I don’t know that we ever did come up with one just in case. Luckily we didn’t have to and I got my Briley. So now with this date rapidly approaching Casey and I are at a crossroads again. We thought we had a boy named picked out, since Briley and Casey have convinced me it’s a boy…I wanted to get one nailed down. We have the girl name, Finley. Like it??? Well don’t steal it b/c I plan on having more kids and maybe use it if this one is a girl J

So I need your help. I am going to list names that I like for boy names and I want you,(all of you, even the ones that don’t normally comment, please do this time…for me) to tell me your likes and dislikes. Now you should know that we use last names as first names for our kids. When you are sounding out the names, make sure you put it with our last name Moore, b/c if it doesn’t flow well…I need to know. Now some of you know the boy name that we had picked out, but I am having second thoughts. I will not tell you which one it is, just in case you all like it. I still like it; I just don’t have the gushy feeling about it. So are you all in? Great. Thanks!

Briggs means Bridge
Fisher means One who fishes
Baylor N/A
Syler N/A
Baker means A Baker
Davis means Beloved
Bishop means Overseer
Wilson means Son of William
Brewer means Brewer of Beer
Griffin means Reddish

Ok, now chime in. If you want you can also tell me why you don’t like it.


megan k said...

OK, so I really like Briggs. It's a good athletes name. "Briggs Moore is up to bat."

Summer Porter Mills said...

This probably won't help you, but I like names that go well with eachother. Since you have Briley, something with a B or that has the same "y" sound at the end. Like you mentioned Finley, it goes well with Briley. My daughters are Sailor and River. We plan on having 2 more, and they will also end in the "er" sound. I'm also doing one more R and one more S, so I'll have 2 names with R, two with S, and they'll all end in "er". I'm really picky about stuff like that. Since my last name Mills, which is also one syllable, my children's names will all have 2. Help? Probably not, just something to think about! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like the B names idea... Briley and ...!
And I agree with Megan...
"Starting middle linebacker, Briggs Moore!" Works for football too!

Shannon Elerick :)

Jess said...

I like Briggs

Good Luck! Names are fun!

Christi said...

Dont use Syler because that's the terrible villain on Heroes :)

We always look at what the names mean-meanings are important to us. But,from your list, I like Griffin, and Briggs. Both are very masculine names :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I personally like Briggs the best. I like it when siblings names go well together too and Briley and Briggs is adorable! Since you asked...the only one I don't really like is Fisher. Fisher Moore sounds like a sporting good item or something. :) B

megan k said...

My MIL is big into what names means. It is a huge deal to her. You should see what the names mean and let us know. That would be interesting

Jessica said...

I put the meanings up for you all to see. Nothing to exciting about the meanings...

Jess said...

Briggs Davis Moore

Ali said...

I love Briggs. I also like Griffin.

And by the way, I love Finley! It's sooooo cute.

megan k said...

So if you name it Brewer which means 'brewer of beer' he and Cooper which means 'barrel maker' could go into business. ;) haha just kidding, i do not promote the drinking, making or selling of alcoholic products!

Anonymous said...

I really really like Briggs, I like Griffin and Brewer too!

E.Gray said...

I really like Griffin the best because to me, if you use another B name then there will be a slight obligation to name other kids always using the B, so finley wouldnt work. So I would chose to not do a B so you dont have to name the other kids with it, in order for them to not feel left out...but briggs is cute, but i just think Griffin Moore sounds great :) just my 2 cents. you could do Griffin Briggs Moore and then he still has the B thing going on :)

nicole said...

My favorite is Griffin...but Brewer is cute and unique...sorry...don't like bishop (sorry...I think of an old man)

you have a great list of super cute boy names...that no one else has!

good luck...can't wait to hear what you're having!

Lindsay said...

My fave from the list is Davis

Lindsay said...

oh, and Wilson, too