May 4, 2009


So I am on my vacation to "my island" and I wanted to know how you pack for long trips? I tend to take WAY to much, but since we flew here...I had to be very careful! Tell me your tricks. I will get all my clothes, shoes, toiletries etc together and put them in the bag all for Casey to come behind me and ask if he can re-pack for me. He says it's like a tetris game to him...see how much he can fit and in all the right places!

So tell me your secrets.

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Lindsay said...

Anything that is "hollow"- shove something in it. Your shoes, for instance, can be filled with socks or other items. Fold things long and thin instead small and fat- if that makes sense. Take minis of all toiletries, or buy toiletries when you get there and throw them away when you leave. Pack basic pieces that can be worn several times- like black pants or jeans and then mix up the tops. Save room for souvenirs! Have fun!