January 30, 2009

92 Days

I have 92 more days till I get to go on my beach vacation. A couple months ago I realized that I was turning 30 soon (June 3) and I wanted to bring it on...beach style, because that's what you do when you are over 30....right???
We have some AMAZING people going with us and it is sure to be the best week ever. We are going to Anna Maria Island, FL., for 7 glorious days! I will update later with some pics of the place we are staying at...just to make you all jealous! Just kidding, I really wish everyone could have come with us, but I totally understand if you couldn't...I heart you still!


Ali said...

YAY!!!! Wow only 92 days! I better start shopping for some beach wear!

Lindsay said...

Good for you guys. I have a strong feeling that this trip will be very therapeutic for you- in general, I just have a good feeling about it ; )