October 21, 2008

Seeping Booty!

Now, I know that title probably took your breath away being gross and all! Let me just tell you, that this is what my child wants to be for Halloween!
My dear sweet completely Innocent daughter is going to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, it's just "Seeping Booty" when she says it. I laugh at this because it is so sweet! She will be the cutest "Seeping Booty" out there, no other "Seeping Booty" will compare to my "Seeping Booty"....Did I write "Seeping Booty" to much, is that puking I hear from some of you? Sorry!
What are your kids going to be for Halloween? What are your plans for Trick or Treating?
We are going to go to Downtown Edmond to their Trick or Treat On The Street event and then head on over to the Gray's for a Fall Festival of sorts!
I'll post pics when I get some!


Brad and Ali said...

Lily is going to be Cinderella and Sadie is either going to be a Bee or a Bunny Rabbit.

megan k said...

How did seeping booty look for halloween?